Volkswagen Design Eyesight Gti Concept (2013)

New Cars Reviews | Volkswagen Design Eyesight Gti Concept ( 2013 ) | The new golf gti will be the undisputed leader on the way than ever, with power 162 kw / 220 ps and 169 kw / 230 hp ( golf gti performance ), respectively. Now volkswagen has more often doubled this power on board the gti project eyesight with 503 ps ( at 6, 500 rpm ) on top of. Four-cylinder engine, other then the v6 engine for your own production of 2. 0-liter gti, in spite of this, will be the 3. Zero liter engine sti concept car gasoline direct injection turbo engine. Tsi v6 develops 500 nm with a lower speed vary ( 2, 000 rpm ) but a maximum torque of 560 nm ( at 4, 000 rpm and 6, 000 rpm ). This power was divided involving the front and rear wheels transmission ( dsg ) and all-wheel drive. This concept, training and specially developed sport suspension, gti project eyesight eat virtually any type of track. A to firmly curb the gti when using the competent authority no additional than 300 km / h, as described on top of, volkswagen could be a exhausting ceramic brake everywhere. Upon the front clutch calipers 380 mm plate upon the back by having diameter of 356 mm. The front wheels ( 8. 5j x 20 et32 ) has 235/35 tires, rear wheels ( 9. 5 j x 20 et 25 ) has 275/30 tires.


Construction of one's new facility uses a formal concept gti wheels austin, the skinny denver classic gti is derived. Behind the wheel project eyesight, gti leaf characteristics that vent hot air optimum wheel arches are integrated into the planning and of course the brake system. Allows small flat press conferences, making a visually spectacular reflections within the polished surface. 2 things were crystal eyesight eye-sight gti project clearly for your own first time. Initial design. Klaus bischoff : we needed to firmly design elements highlight gti is therefore short, dynamic and emotionally as we may go to the center of one's magic that is this fact car.


2 things are clear with a glance : first this car could be a race car. Second, this car is impressive, terribly impressive. Gti production and shows an extremely sharp size. The result could be a long wheelbase and short front overhang. Since 4253 mm, gti project eyesight is about 15 mm shorter when compared to the production gti. The new golf gti is no bigger than 1442 mm. This rate was more often 57 mm to firmly 1385 mm within the gti design eyesight. Method are conjointly suitable picture : the gti wörthersee, 1595 mm front and somewhat, 579 mm along at the rear, the production model, that's already fairly bound that the measures in 1538 ( before ) and somewhat, 516 mm ( rear ). So, the eyesight gti project is all the more extreme when compared to the gti output report. The ratio between height and width, in explicit, emphasizes the concept car a race track. Motor development wörthersee gti meet invariably the method to point out extreme thoughts and wrap an integral half of one's thrill within the draft guidelines for your own simple and clear design klaus bischoff the team enjoyed a spectacular view of one's future permit gti.


Finally, with marc lichte, andrew and philip mindt centromere, the exact team that developed yesteryear and of course the new golf gti, conjointly contributed onto the development of one's gti design eyesight. This command charisma breathes racing concept car presented along at the wörthersee. In spite of this, the colour of one's gti project eyesight is nothing more than the usual classic in the normal trinity gti ( white club is black white red, white ), will increase in black ( black gloss ) and signs hooked up gti and stripes in red on top of.


Aspect profile. This method commences immediately behind the front wheel onto the vertical air common gateway. The precision and accuracy of its new line, followed by your volkswagen design dna. Tomas grille and air - in spite of this interpreted - concentrate its relationship onto the production gti, the honeycomb structure in networks could be a figure of obvious and natural style. The achievement of each and every component of one's design of one's headlights. Terribly mindful of the designer within the sort of production gti made here. In spite of this, the concept has as being seen choices for your own headlights and grille sooner or later : the red line could be a typical facade divides the gti gti project eyesight headlights horizontally. Within the lower 1/2 the visual elements of one's design are eyes type of dramatic depth - innovative changes evil eye upon the well liked gti predators.


Long lines and rooftops to achieve the lower fringe of the aspect windows and of course the rear pillar graphics c, means that that'>which implies the body look longer and stronger, but additionally allows that you definitely confidential print design component, that's conjointly totally different version of one's production of one's new gti all his predecessors. Integrated rear spoiler, like cars, struck the leading fringe of aerodynamic diffuser masters bottom of one's rack exhaust diffuser pipe. How you can feel within the appearance of one's typical gti charisma, sports and active driving grown consistently in terms of structural properties. So religion a team meeting bachorski thomas, head of interior design volkswagen pure concentration upon the gti is admittedly necessary, other then stylish, nothing could well be easier than that. As well liked clearly as the gti design eyesight, the notion of design use radically when using the designers. Designers would be the switch and sustainable come back temperature management system and hazard warning switch and activate the camera upon the center console of one's car, the most switch, mounted fire extinguisher and disable features esp background, typical of racing cars. Technical improves partly carbon.