Seat Ibiza Sc (2014)

New Cars Reviews | Seat Ibiza Sc ( 2014 ) | The new seat leon sc provides more to actually the middle of one's segment hatchback useless in everyday life. A purposeful interior utilizing a fascinating combination of high quality materials and an exceptional end and offers ample space for those passengers. At 380 liters, the luggage compartment of one's three-door sc is just as wide just like the body variant of one's new five-door seat leon. The wheelbase is shorter than 35 mm, that contributes to actually the unique character of one's new seat leon sc. 4 is 23 meters long sc leon a unique design and the proper embodiment of one's new seat design language. Leon sc is the initial time that seat has three-door version of one's compact model. Leon sc is that the emotional member of the family and the game is emotional currently being a coupe, it also offers a high alittle of usability. The third generation of one's seat leon has also been redesigned from scratch. The new leon sc, the second family member leon, world premiere for the geneva motor show 2013th the new seat leon sc appearance sensible with its perfectly balanced proportions. Inspired via the concept car ibx ibl oie, the compact three-door model may be a dynamic interpretation of one's seat design language.


Seat leon sc has systematically developed the brand identity design. In the use of clean lines and taut surfaces of transport vitality and precision in each and every detail suppress the high standards of quality, designed and developed in the new leon sc norma vehicle manufacturers in terribly young subjects. Dynamic, says alejandro mesonero-romans, seat design director seat design language has also been completed within the new leon this can be significantly evident within the lines of - character., this can be a car with temperament. Compared to actually the five-door leon, the pace of one's new leon below 35 mm sc. This provides the leon sc a sporty and powerful, other then terribly compact. The front of one's new seat leon sc is emotional design. Your typical line of robust seat the lights are perfectly integrated into sculptural kind of leon sc. The optional full-led version with powerful illumination sc leon pioneer ago. The profile of one's new seat leon sc offers a balance amongst the metal and glass surfaces - vertical, is 2/3-tiers. This highlights the strength and highlights the robust position of one's car. Stopped dynamic line come back to actually the wheel. The rear window of width, with its coupe scan angle is 19 degrees within the five-door variant and takes the kind of a setback, stylized pentagon - another feature of one's new seat leon sc.


The new seat brand represents the core brand values - pure design and of course the quality of workmanship. The new leon sc is arguably one of one's seat models in the new brand before - upon the front wheels in the rear and upon the wheel the dynamic aspect of one's exterior is made among the new seat leon sc - is extremely nice, clean and bright. The materials are of high quality and wonderful workmanship. Alejandro mesonero-romans, seats design director of home affairs aforesaid : we ergonomic reference light, elegant interior guide our thinking concerning the accuracy of one's distractions of one's cockpit enduring an aircraft and unnecessary leon sc driver will concentrate absolutely run the space for our driver and front passenger uses a sleek and sleek. Fine details underline the high level of treatment within the new leon sc details like air intakes massive, simple to actually perceive, air conditioning and of course the elements of one's three-dimensional structure. Quadrant instruments are massive and straightforward to learn to read, in the customary information system drivers due to reference line. The steering wheel is well designed, the new seat brand airbag cover with optional multi-function management out there. A few versions of one's new seat leon sc are equipped with premium ambience lighting. The driver and passenger in leon redevelopment sc is low and sporty, and really suitable for people of all sizes. The seats provide the most beneficial grip whereas driving dynamics and are incredibly comfortable over long distances.


The driver seat height adjustment is customary and is offered as an choice for our front passenger seat within the reference customary and offers stylish fr. Use of the rear is straightforward, because of wide-opening doors and straightforward access lever, press the seat before bedtime. And of course the backrest folded forward, the lever allows the seat to actually slide along upon the dashboard, giving a big opening to actually enter across the rear passengers. Once installed on the rear of one's new seat leon sc, shoulder, knee and head terribly generous. The rear seat is equipped with 3 headrests. Interests younger passengers, customary features embrace isofix anchoring points and top tether kid seat. In the rear seat constant light a little over 15 p.c lighter compared to the previous model - while not compromising comfort. Within the basic version, the three-door compact, weighs solely 1093 kg, a figure terribly competitive. Systematic light-weight construction is a transparent strength of one's new leon sc, too. S weight and driving dynamics and efficiency for the same level, aforesaid matthias rabe, vice president of analysis and development at seat, sa the body is extremely rigid shell additionally provides the idea for our overall quality.

Smart design ensures that the vehicle remains straightforward and efficient. Lightfastness seat is that the challenge and therefore the new sc leon utilizing a body of state-of-art background. Hot-formed steels, high technology reduces the load of no a lot of than 18 kg, whereas the stiffness of one's cabin. Thanks for our correct isolation of one's interior of one's new seat leon sc is quiet just like a class of vehicle. Within the whole five-door version of one's new leon, the body is just 25 kg lighter when compared to the previous model. And therefore the three-door sports coupe, as consistent light-weight design and extends to actually any vehicle - several engine components, bearings and likewise help in weight reduction. Leon sc is spacious utilizing a line-up of one's engine characteristics. Office sends the new sports coupe in battle with powerful and efficient tdi and tsi a regular. 2 to actually 2. Zero liters. The line-up diesel seat leon sc offered covers a large number services, ranging from 66 kw ( ninety hp ) to actually 135 kw ( 184 hp ). The a regular. 6 tdi with 77 kw ( 105 hp ) generates a torque of 250 nm at 1598 cm3. The 2. Zero tdi begin / stop system with an average of no a lot of than 4. A regular liters of fuel per 100 km. With a hundred and ten kw ( 150 hp ) and 320 nm of torque, the tdi engine, utilizing a displacement of 1968 cm3 of one's new seat leon in her determination. The diesel vary is that the a regular. 6 tdi with 66 kw ( ninety hp ) and 230 nm of torque forever respectable consumes no a lot of than 4. A regular liters per 100 kilometers and emits 108 grams of co2 per km. When it comes to actually gasoline engines, the new leon sc has got a wide vary, utilizing a power unit provided to actually satisfy all wants. Its a regular. 2 you'll be able to opt for between 2 versions, with 63 kw ( 86 hp ) and 77 kw ( 105 hp ). In each variants, power, fuel consumption nedc is equivalent to 5. 2 liters per 100 km, that corresponds to actually 119 grams of co2 per km. The a regular. 4 tsi with ninety kw ( 122 hp ), a block of state-of-the-art has 200 nm of torque


The line has got a gasoline engine a regular. 8 tsi summit offers 132 kw ( 180 hp ) and 250 nm, that opens the new rf. The frame has a vital role within the whole dynamics advanced new leon sc. Macpherson front are presently in secondary structure. It makes a major contribution to actually the effectiveness of one's new leon sc, since it consumes no energy when driving straight ahead. For motors up to actually a hundred and ten kw ( 150 hp ), the rear of one's new seat leon sc is equipped utilizing a torsion bar suspension. The management system is normal media when using the reference line.