Aston Martin Cc100 Speedster Concept (2013)

New Cars Reviews | Aston Martin Cc100 Speedster Concept ( 2013 ) | Aston martin celebrated its centenary in style world in the introduction of exceptional aston martin cc100 speedster concept. Created just like a wonderful celebration as to the nice british brand 100 years of sporting excellence that provides cc100-both past and dbr1 aston martin sports event victory within the whole country - and later on with his quizzical look on as you can future design direction. Set tens of a large number of happy fans in germany, the speedster is led by aston martin ceo dr. Ulrich bez. Designed and built in below six months at aston martins headquarters in gaydon, cooperation with key suppliers multimatic inc., under the direction of special comes and motorsport director david king, the ultimate appearance of cc100 tandem work of director design marek reichmann operating in the brand chief exterior designer miles nuremberg.





Cars 1959 winners revealed soon and then we have the confidence to firmly make this car marek reichman same : i'm terribly proud as to the entire team at gaydon to form this concept car nice sport in such a quick time. The want to form a truly fitting tribute to firmly the 100th anniversary as to the brand aston martin is the creativity and talent that makes a luxury car manufacturer aston martin sports exceptional. With nearly 5 meters from nose to firmly tail, and a little over 2 meters wide ( as well as mirrors ) speedster body concept could be a classic example as to the virtually infinitely flexible nature as to the aston martin brand philosophy of horizontal design.


The unit is aston martin rest to firmly 62mph cc100 car in only over four seconds, whereas top speed is limited to firmly 180 mph. Dr bez same : the longer term of aston martin is incredibly clear, now more exciting than maybe at some other time in history, and that i hope that the excitement and anticipation, cc100 created by aston martin owners and enthusiasts worldwide.