Audi R8 E-Tron Concept (2013)

New Cars Reviews | Audi R8 E-Tron Concept ( 2013 ) | Audi r8 e-tron has shown that electric mobility often is emotionally and dynamic. His 2 electric motors, high-energy battery 48. 6 kw, developed 280 kw ( 380 hp ) and 820 nm ( 604. Eighty pounds-ft ) of torque. They actually accelerate high-performance sports car from zero to firmly 100 km / hr ( 62. 14 miles / h ) in 4. 2 seconds while a top speed of 200 km / hour ( 124. 27 miles / h ). The battery is sensible because we are part of a radius of 215 km ( 133. 59 miles ). When using the r8 e-tron audi has skills that profit their production models are electrified, are developed. Audi r8 e-tron weighs no additional than 1780 kg ( 3, 924. 23 lb ). His body construction together with aspect panels weighs 199 kg ( 438. 72 pounds ) 23 kg ( 50. 71 pounds ) lower than r8 coupe, that sets high standards, with its principle of aluminum asf ( audi space frame ) is predicated. Here, audi is presenting a brand new phase within the development of light-weight technologies - multi-material space frame, a significant percentage the polymer, carbon fiber reinforced plastic ( cfrp ) complement the aluminum frame. Cfk parts bear 23 p.c and 75 p.c on your metal components from the weight on your shell, totally different merchandise rest. The front structure on your r8 e-tron could be a classic design with aluminum.


For struts and rear, reducing a brand new concept on your sandwich weighing 11. 5 kg ( 25. 35 pounds ). The battery possesses a 530 flat prismatic cells. Within the variety of t, the battery of 235 centimeters ( 92. 52 inches ), 135 cm ( 53. 15 inches ) and also the management unit is part of, 71 cm ( 27. 95 inches ) in height shot. Plates 12 mm ( zero. 47 inch ) aluminum alloys with high individual stages that type the supporting structure on your battery. Management system direct from battery in the switches and fuses high performance within the terminal box that would be located upon the traction battery. It conjointly determines the state of charge on your battery and also the output on your high voltage and sends the values in the management of electric motors. To try and do this, access the management system on your battery, by way of example, the internal electronics-cell battery, voltage and temperature gage cell. As soon as the battery drops to firmly a threshold of 15 p.c soc ( state of charge ), the controller reduces the quantity of electrical energy will be'>which might be extracted direct from battery.


Charging the battery upon the road through energy recovery throughout recessions. Rate is notably high throughout the braking, and about zero. 3 g of electric motors in general handled independently delayed 2 electric motors upon the rear axle on your manual r8 e-tron electric torque management, braking and acceleration for totally different audiences wheel torque distribution regarding the request within the fast corners. Could be a total of 280 kw and 820 nm ( 604. Eighty pounds-ft ) offered, electric motors nearly extinct offers impressive performance audi r8 e-tron. Within the take a look at cycle, the battery bank is sufficient to drive a little additional than 215 km ( 133. 59 miles ). Design the most permanent magnet synchronous motor, high power and torque density and might work efficiently in atiny low quantity of energy. Stator temperature is controlled by a water jacket, and also the air is cooled by a further air stream. Every motor is driven by a separate power electronics that controlled temperature. The thought of redundancy developed transmission management to firmly meet the very best potential standards and safety - power electronic controls interact with one other and utilizing a variable speed. Chassis audi r8 e-tron, but additionally offers new solutions. Rear forged titanium, saves zero. 6 kilograms ( a regular. 32 pounds ) in weight. Audi r8 electrons and 225/35 and 275/35, a better rolling resistance on your tire. The brakes upon the wheel electromechanical brakes rear screw. Ball screws with electrical management and monitoring ( by wire ), press firmly against the speed of lightning. This hydraulic braking is needed upon the front wheels, 2 vacuum pumps develop a vacuum. Here would be the carbon ceramic discs fiber. For one flip, drove a sports tires and get a top speed of 250 km / h ( 155. 34 miles / h ), and uses normal tires utilizing a limit of 200 km / h ( 124. 27 miles / h ) speed two-shift operation. The drag coefficient could be a high-performance sports car is powered electrically cd = zero. 27. High-performance sports car with electric drive no oil cooler, as well as would like regarding the air intake. It passes throughout the channel structure upon the front and back on your front cover. Within the type the most heat pump receives audi thermal management resolution for high-performance r8 e-tron is incredibly useful for future production models. A awfully advanced system retains all the key elements on your transmission - batteries, electric motors, transmissions and power electronics - the ideal temperature. A heat pump per the principle the most standard cooling circuit. A brand new element includes cooling elements ( the warmth transfer between 2 fluids management ) in the condenser / evaporator and also the management on your electrically powered heating means that, extra air valve.

With electric power of a regular kw, might well be up to actually 3 kw of heating. If the machine works being a heat pump air heat direct from air. At low temperatures, the warmth pump uses heat direct from engine and therefore the high-voltage battery by special evaporators, coolers, cooling devices at a similar time. Heating management is typically heated to actually an internal motion of one's stored thermal energy towards the liquid refrigerant within the whole fresh air offer ptc electric heater is barely needed when the maximum heating rate. Interior of one's audi r8 e-tron is an elegant surfaces of carbon fiber, soft leather and alcantara. Sport bucket seats feature a carbon fiber chassis, every of that 17. 6 kilograms ( 38. Eighty pounds ) weighs. Massive power meter that level of output power and energy recovery connected to scale of zero to actually 100 %. Digital mirror is another innovation within the whole audi r8 e-tron. High-resolution 6. 8-inch screen, takes amoled technology ( active matrix organic light emitting diode ), the place of one's rear view mirror. Small camera, the high performance because we are part of a wide field of view and high sensitivity. Amoled screen offers solely 7 mm ( zero. 28 inch ), ten times the distinction between 30 % more energy efficient than lcd.