BMW i3 Review (2014)

Whats New For 2014

The 2014 bmw i3 is an all-new model.


New Cars Reviews - Bmw goes all-in on an electrical vehicle future along with the 2014 i3. The bavarian automaker has designed the i-series -- that conjointly includes the high-performance i8 -- behind a philosophy of sustainable mobility. Within the whole case on your i3, that suggests that a dedicated electrical town car. At barely 157 inches long -- concerning 1. 5 feet shorter compared to the nissan leaf -- the i3 ought to have few issues finding sensible parking close to the downtown museum. And with four-passenger seating, youll be able to firmly bring the art critics located within social circle with you.

Become a bmw, the i3 shouldnt lack for performance. We drove one on a bmw take a look at facility and came away impressed with its instant and fluid acceleration, refined ride at highway speeds and of course the unmistakable pedigree in its handling ability. It turns, twists and surges pretty a lot of precisely as youd expect from atiny low bmw. Intensive use of aluminum and carbon fiber for chassis and cabin structures suggests that the i3 weighs in at barely over 2, 600 pounds. Thats a very good bit leaner compared to the leaf or maybe even the toyota prius.

A strong 125-kilowatt electrical motor mounts during the rear axle and drives the rear wheels along with the equivalent of 168 horsepower and 184 pound-feet of torque. Bmw says the i3 can dash from zero to firmly 62 mph in 7. 2 seconds and reach a prime speed of 93 mph. Within the whole european take a look at cycle, the i3 delivers 118 miles of vary in its most conservative setting. Bmw says worst-case ranges vary anywhere from 81 to firmly 100 miles counting on climate and driving conditions.

The i3 will additionally be offered by having second drivetrain, this one with atiny low two-cylinder engine that joins the electrical motor being a generator. The auxiliary engine doesn't give any propulsion, other then instead helps extend the i3s vary.

In its most basic configuration, the i3 ought to recharge in six hours, as a 50kw fast charge, similar to firmly the supercharger configuration used by tesla promises a full charge in half-hour.

Within the cabin, a freestanding steering column houses key controls together with the instrument cluster and gearshift lever, and eliminates a center console. Instead, 3 displays -- a 6. 5-inch instrument cluster, 8. 8-inch central show while a third screen dedicated to firmly audio and climate controls -- kind the bulk on your driver interface. The i3 cabin conjointly dispenses by having center tunnel bisecting the ground and uses full-width seat benches front and rear for passenger-friendly ingress and egress.

How the i3s ride quality and skill on real roads stacks up to firmly different electrical vehicles such as the ford focus electrical and nissan leaf remains to firmly be seen, other then its bmw heritage and promising performance ought to build it a distinctive selection. The 2014 bmw i3 goes on sale next spring in north america. Check back to produce a full review on your all-new i3, together with specs, driving impressions and shopping for recommendation because it becomes obtainable.