Citroen C4 Picasso (2014)

New Cars Reviews | Citroen C4 Picasso ( 2014 ) | The new Citroën C4 Picasso Citroën distinctive style combines revolutionary proportions. the new platform too allows the engine compartment and of course the floor lowered ( in 50 mm and 20 mm for motor ground ) were opened and tracks ( 82 mm front and 31 mm for the rear ). the interior light new citroen c4 grand picasso has actually been designed by having stylish loft. the panoramic windscreen as customary and glass ceiling nice choice bathes the interior in natural light. the asymmetric dashboard designed subtly combine totally different colors and materials. to actually improve the style chrome key citroën polished and brushed, and special attention has actually been paid to actually the door panels, that are designed by having laser etched design decorative inlays original. 

Whereas maintaining the comfort with the predecessors recognized the new generation of one's car is straightforward to actually handle and straightforward to actually handle and get a lighter, more relaxed. the burden of one's vehicle at low, low center of gravity and match design elements inclusive of vertical orientation pillows to actually produce a whole new balance between comfort and handling for higher handling, safety and comfort on board unprecedented. under the new emp2 of one's new grand c4 picasso platform is 100 kg lighter than its predecessor, that. to actually cut back co2 emissions and boost fuel efficiency, moreover, the burden of one's e-hdi 115 selected smaller versions are lighter than a hundred and ten kg within the whole corresponding models of one's previous generation. the new platform combines aluminum and steel, as well as a rear floor in composite to actually shorten the vehicle weight by 60 kg. 

Weight reduction, higher aerodynamics as well as a number engines optimized able to actually considerably cut back fuel consumption and co2 emissions 30g/km average compared to actually its predecessor. the new grand c4 picasso is equipped with combustion engines provides co2 sub-100g/km equipped. etg6 ( effective 6-speed tronic ) out there with e-hdi ninety and hdi 115 electronic versions of one's new model will certainly be refined when using the new operating system of one's clutch 6-speed manual. with etg6 dialogue, the driver will switch from manual to actually automatic, anytime, depending on your private desires and of course the driving environment. 

The new grand c4 picasso is additionally equipped when using the new euro 6 engine bluehdi supports innovative citroën selective catalytic reduction ( scr ). all new c4 picasso diesel models are equipped with stop & begin technology as customary. New Citroen C4 Picasso is clean and tidy dashboard has 2 totally digital display slightly pad and 12 7 hd screen landscape creating an intuitive interface and travel in style. help drivers and passengers to actually keep connected in the slightest degree times is new citroen connect multiple applications connected to the controlled touch screen 7.