Lamborghini Egoista Concept (2013)

New Cars Reviews | Lamborghini Egoista Concept ( 2013 ) | An exciting time in santagata bolognese, within the whole result as to the gala celebrating the 50th anniversary as to the incredible lamborghini vehicle walter de silva made his entry to the thousand people, the chief designer as to the volkswagen group, the conclusion as to the house of rage bull honor for half a century. Ai needed to pay out tribute to actually and given by a vehicle assume simple fact that the lamborghini was mark forever done with passion and heart compared to the head, same an excited de silva. The fact is, selfish, as a result of the vehicle was baptized, a ability to the automobile and innovation is forged alternatives, the very same passion having forever set aside the lamborghini brand. Winner of extreme hedonism, could be a car while not compromise in a word to the wise de silva same.


The scene turns towards a track with the use of a flagship model the most dress arrival vanes selfish ground crew pilot and also the roar as to the v10 engine shaking event structure 20 meters high tension the show vip guests enjoyed when lamborghini ceo stephan winkelmann input modules selfish before inviting his creator, walter de silva, to actually him on stage. Powered by a 5. 2-liter v10 engine produces 600 hp lamborghini could be a vehicle selfish enough unique features intentionally extreme and unusual, created via the design team of volkswagen group - accountable dambrosio out alexander and stefan sielaff a regarding the interior in specific. The team of de silva has made a decision to develop a car, pushing all the features as to the lamborghini trick, pure driving pleasure, performance and style beyond its borders means that. The car, designed just like a combination made regarding the driver could be a removable half, that, when combined in the rest as to the vehicle, ensuing utilizing a technical unit, the mechanical and aerodynamic perfection.


The body is dominated, inside the aspect, a stylized bull preparing to actually charge, horns reduced profile. The challenge of effectively integrating symbol lamborghini as section of the body is full of courage and artistic. No vehicle more aerodynamic, however integrated directly into edges as to the contour as to the body act automatically reckoning on driving conditions. 2 tail fins are automatically at high speeds to actually increase the stability, although a series of air ducts within the whole rear as to the cover allows air cooling as to the central electrical current flow v10. Lamborghini selfish lights are like a plane to produce a road vehicle. 2 white and 2 red lights rear lights, flashing red light on top as to the tail, eyes like 2 orange aspect markers bull and 2 ceiling lights, red and inexperienced from left to actually right, make this wheel only ufo at nighttime. As it is made of light-weight materials an example would be aluminum and carbon fiber, the areas marked permanent ban vehicle properly as aircraft. The rims are additionally invisible materials, flat, rough, full carbon fiber panels to actually improve aerodynamics.


Though the car wants the lamborghini selfish driver more often a pilot, a real top gun. The selfish contains the factors regarding the merchandise which are section of the lamborghini trick within the whole opinion of walter de silva. Its like ferruccio lamborghini same in the event the lamborghini cars are few, however continues. Its a car for your company, a gift for lamborghini lamborghini, resplendent in loneliness.