Mercedes-Benz S-Class (2014)

New Cars Reviews | Mercedes-Benz S-Class ( 2014 ) | With 3 priorities engineering smart drive, effective technology and luxury-essence of the new class of mercedes-benz s pushes the boundaries of technology on several levels. S-class not just lead the mercedes-benz technology, but in addition for the event of one's automobile in general. Dr. Dieter zetsche, ceo of daimler ag and head of mercedes-benz cars simply there is no other car as an alternative to safety or aesthetics, performance and efficiency, comfort and dynamic, our expectations were the most beneficial or nothing all told aspects synonymous in the promise brand mercedes. More benz s-class. The very same applies out to safety. Mercedes-benz describes it as intelligent drive. Several of one's new system makes the new s comfort and safety class. People worldwide will immediately recognize the mercedes-benz. Face classic mercedes runs across the history of one's brand. The clever design of one's s-class has continually been an expression of automotive luxury and splendor of his time. And our new s-class continues this tradition intelligence that tells the emotions and elegant shapes considerably sensual fusion of timeless sports and sovereignty of one's true icon of design s-class, aforesaid chief designer gorden wagener.


Size and space are designed class mercedes-benz s appearance respectable and powerful roof is additionally compatible in the intentions sports coupe style car. The constructive facet surfaces and lines insure the new class of exaggerated excitement moves in the exact opposite direction. Designers of one's brand mercedes-benz will additionally be seen upon the rear window, that reduces in size c. In the very first year of one's new s-class line has 2 hybrid versions, models of petrol and diesel variant four hundred hybrid, s 500, s 350 bluetec hybrid and e 300 bluetec. Furthermore, s four hundred and s 350 hybrid meet stringent performance criteria bluetec class, whereas s bluetec hybrid-300 still has an a + rating. The new s-class fuel and emission levels accomplished by simply a few years ago it appeared a utopia, even higher class, dr. Thomas weber, member of one's board of directors of daimler ag argues that accountable. S-class line, thus it makes of petrol and diesel out to petrol, diesel and hybrid plug-in, the very first time'>for the very 1st time. New s-class is the very first car in the country that ought to be able out to detect holes. Normal upon the new s-class includes a dc ads adaptive damping system and and improved version of one's airmatic air suspension. With its own architecture, interior design living room classic class s. Interior expressive character from one liquid sensual elegance. High quality and clear mix elegance and functionality : the interior design s-class combines the comfort, space and easy use along at the highest level.


Metal surfaces switch pearlescent paint finishes in 3 shades out to accentuate the interior features outstanding color quality. Passengers sitting in the very first class within the back design and exclusive seats, door panels and all controls are on the very same high level as before. As a further feature of individualization, the come first class offers a business center console connects personal comfort with features ( integration of the mobile phone, additional pockets, folding table, etc. ). The aim of one's design of one's display and management commands and display functions are grouped because we are part of a consistent manner in terms of design and functionality. Additionally out to the new screens, aluminum surfaces and management metallic luster fixed optical notably high quality. Thank you for well-structured metal surfaces every management offers the sound, feel and attention out to detail, mercedes-benz can create it thus special. Telephone and audio systems often is controlled by voice. The high level of crash safety, exceptional rigidity for glorious handling, low noise and vibration. These were the goals of one's organization out to the new s-class the third generation of hybrid aluminum body. No idea - torsional rigidity compared out to the dimensions and weight of one's vehicle increased by 50 % compared out to the previous model. Since the model series 220 was developed in 1990, a mixture of ideal hybrid light-weight construction materials are developed because we are part of a hybrid aluminum body.

The grid possesses a high proportion of high strength steel. In the torsional stiffness of 40. 5 kn / slightly ( previous models : 27. 5 kn / slightly ), s-class set a brand new record within the segment. Mercedes-benz carries out a systematic solution to this strategy within the class s with several new features and systems out to a wider audience. Comfort and safety are increased simultaneously. Mercedes-benz calls the intelligent drive. All new features are based mostly on the very same system, that includes a stereo camera sensor with new radar level sensors. Intelligent systems for our analysis of complicated things and attainable hazards for our path making use of best systems of environmental sensors, says prof. Dr. Thomas weber, member of one's council for scientific analysis and development director mercedes-benz daimler. Figuratively speaking, s-class not just new eyes out to the front, 360 degrees all told aspects.